Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ramona Flowers Wannabe

Ever since I first saw Scott Pilgrim and later read the comics [I admit I came late to the Bryan Lee O'Malley game] I just wanted to be Ramona Flowers. And Kim Pine. They are both two super cool ladies who are unapologetically themselves. I aspire to be both/either of them. Yes, Ramona is a manic pixie dream girl who lives in Scott's fictional world and I should have more realistic goals but she is awesome and I want to be like her. 

Besides being hilarious, resilient and physically tough, Ramona and Kim also rock amazing outfits. Occasionally I dress similarly and want to go to Toronto where my outfits will be more weather appropriate. 

Ramona's most memorable attribute, besides her subspace bag, is her hair. Constantly moving between different hues and styles, it has a life of its own. Unfortunately I don't own and haven't read any of the colour editions of Scott Pilgrim, so my knowledge of her comic book mane is from internet pictures...

The reason for my Ramona Flowers rant is that I put a pink rinse through my hair and felt a bit like her whilst it lasted. Unsurprisingly, I am about to bombard you with photos...

That's enough gratuitous self portraits for now...

- Isabella

PS: Here are two songs with lyrics that reminds me of Ramona Flowers, perhaps you'll hear it too :)

This is a song by one of my favourite bands, Deep Sea Arcade. 'Saw her in a dream, place I've never been, face just seemed familiar, when she turned she's facing me'... This song is one of my all time favourites and the entire album, 'Outlands' is worth checking out!

The lyrics, 'I know a girl who's a puzzle of a thousand pieces... I know a girl who'll get inside your head and find the creases' just make me think of Ramona.

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