Friday, 11 April 2014

Modern Day Hieroglyphs

I discovered these incredible images by Nastiya Nudnik through Dazed and Confused, modern takes on classic works of art. We are overrun with emoticons and digital forms of communication but I find it fascinating how expressive they are and how they add or alter meaning to the artwork.

I also became aware of another piece of artwork on the internet this week, 'Ikea Monkey'. I loved this story when it broke on the internet last year, and the jokes it inspired. It was so lovely to be reminded of the hilarity with this beautiful painting. I would love this.

One of my favourite bands Deep Sea Arcade will be supporting Temples, and I hadn't heard their music until this afternoon. I really like them, and their music videos are beautiful. This song is currently my favourite... those sequins.

I saw The Jungle Giants with my friend last weekend and they were terrific. Their support act Shortstraw were fantastic. We talked with them after their set and they were excellent chaps. I bought their album once the show was over, I can't choose a favourite song to link to, just check them out! Here is a photo of me and my friend with Sam, the lead singer of The Jungle Giants.

That's all for now, 
- Isabella


  1. my favorite is the "fatal error disconnected." it completely changes the piece and can take on so many different meanings. it doesn't show a specific opinion, but it conveys so many opinions about a really complicated discussion so effortlessly. also how freaking awesome is dazed and confused? they have such a wide array of interesting content and i've discovered so many good things from them.

    1. I'd previously only know Dazed and Confused as a place to look at stills from fashion shows but I'm really impressed by their other content. I recently liked their facebook page and it's such a good way to keep up with their interesting articles :)