Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dear May,

You passed by so quickly, I barely found a moment to document you! I didn't take many photos, I wasn't on the internet as much as usual and I didn't really have a moment to spare all month. All of that aside, I was busy doing some wonderful things and I'm kinda proud of what I've accomplished. Now June is almost over, and I've finally found the time to explain what I've been up to.

I'm currently studying a Screen and Media course, it's really challenging and intensive, everything we're doing is so new to me but I'm really enjoying it. In May, we had a majority of our assessments for the first semester. One of our main assessments was to conduct, film, light, record the audio and then edit an interview. We recorded in April and then edited in May. I had the pleasure of interviewing the delightful Minna Gilligan. I contacted Minna, as I'd never met her before, and she very kindly agreed to take part! It was such a terrific experience!

Around all of my assessments I also managed to do a number of other things with my time. I maintained a social life and hung out with my best friends a lot, despite all everyone studying/working in different places. My sister turned 13 and my grandad turned 85. I had a few shifts at my new job. I finally got my license after 140ish hours of driving on my learner's permit. [It took me two and a half years of worrying about stalling, racking up the hours and documenting each one, I'm so pleased to have it] I also helped with the costumes for a production at my university. This sounds relatively minor, but it's my dream job to work on costumes in some capacity one day so to finally get my name in credits for that was really exciting for me! I'm hoping to get more experience in this area so that I can get into my dream costume course at the end of the year. There a few short films, music videos and performances that I might be able to participate in to progress my skills further, I'm pretty excited!

Also in May, there was an addition to our little family, a new puppy called Gus! He is a maltese poodle and a little ball of fluffy, rambunctious cuteness. Yes, there are photos.

I wanted to write this post as an excuse for well over a month of not blogging. I'm aware other people lead far busier and more interesting lives than mine but this was a pretty intense month for me. I've spent June playing with, attempting to train Gus and being bitten by Gus. Perhaps I'll have more thrilling adventures to recount in future, gosh, I hope so!

- Isabella


  1. This is my face right now ^-^ because reading this made me very excited about planning things on Monday he he he! Also Gus is super cute! Okay I should probably stop, I've already used two exclamation points, whoops.

    Glitterous Clitoris

    1. Aw thanks Kelly! Predictably, I've seen this comment far too late.. We'll do all kinds of super cool planning for wonderful things soon!!

  2. aw Gus is so cute! I love your writing nice blog! :)